Willkommen zu Amonag Academy!

AMONAG ACADEMY is an international center for distance education. We have been providing distance and full-time professional education services in Russia for more than 15 years. With the unique platform of Amonag Academy, we were able to expand our borders by overcoming language barriers.

The educational programs and materials of AMONAG ACADEMY courses correspond to the world practice in teaching. They are elaborated and regularly improved by leading teachers of the highest category and therefore meet the highest standards, including international ones. At AMONAG ACADEMY, we apply the latest technology and bring the results of technological progress to the learning process. But do not think that the methods of AMONAG ACADEMY are something completely innovative and untested. Our methodology is based on well-known and proven methods of teaching for centuries, but it has been transformed into a modern format, convenient for studying, increasing the effectiveness of teaching and eliminating the need for the presence of a teacher.

By studying at AMONAG ACADEMY, you get a double education - get acquainted with the specialty of interest and improve your language skills. Such training gives you confidence that you will be able to work in the chosen specialty in any country. Training at AMONAG ACADEMY erases the boundaries in the truest sense of the word. Expand your opportunities and reach new heights! Your successful future depends only on your knowledge.

Format of training

Training on the AMONAG ACADEMY website is organized in an online format. This is the most modern and convenient format, as it allows you to study lessons anywhere (at home, at work, in the train or bus), from anywhere in the world, at any time convenient for you, at any pace comfortable for you. You only need to connect to the Internet. The speed of the mobile Internet is quite enough for this. You save both your time and money on the way to the courses. Tutors on distance education stay constantly in touch with you and are always ready to answer your questions.

The peculiarity of distance learning at AMONAG ACADEMY is that you can pass the training course in any of the offered languages ​​or in all languages at once! For example, you study the course about the project management course in English, and at the same time see the translation of each sentence in Russian! In some courses, materials in foreign languages also have an audio track. All courses are supplemented with diagrams, images and videos for better understanding.

The courses are divided into parts so that it would be easier for you to master the whole volume in stages. Each part has tests to help you to estimate how well you understood the new material.


All the training programs of AMONAG ACADEMY are licensed, so after completing the training and all the tests included in the course, the students will receive a relevant Certificate.

On the page of the chosen course you can familiarize yourself with the sample of the document that is issued after the completion of the training. The certificate is given in two languages including English and is accepted abroad.

The document on the training can be obtained either by mail (the service is free of charge) or directly at the training center in Moscow.
License for educational activity №038379
If you want to learn more about AMONAG ACADEMY and the features of training on our website, you can contact our managers by phone or send your questions in the feedback form in the CONTACTS section.